Welcome to Assegai Media, home of affordable seo services in Portland Oregon and the surrounding area.
What we love about the Pacific Northwest and Portland Oregon in particular, is how picturesque the place is, and not forgeting that we’re one of the fastest growing cities in the whole country.

People, and whole businesses, are flocking to Portland Oregon, especially small Mom and Pop shops, ecommerce business owners etc. all with a desire to be found online.
Ranking in the search engines for organic search terms is one of the biggest proof of concepts a business could ever wish to claim. Sure, one could always pay to be found online, but nothing trumps being found ranking in the search engines for your desired keywords. Customers already have a high regard of your services and, when they decide to transact with you, they believe you mean business.

That is what we can do for you; put you on the proverbial digital map and let you rule your niche like a Boss!
Being found online, ranking in the search engines for your desired keyword’s akin to winning the Superbowl, and you definitely want to win the superbow.

Your customers are waiting on you, and we aim not to disappoint either of you.

What we offer:
Affordable seo services to small businesses in Portland Oregon. We do not believe in cold calling or soliciting for business.
All our clients have found us online, and that’s enough proof of concept we need to prove that we mean what we say by being a good SEO Company that produces results.
Whatever your online needs, if it’s traffic you need, we urge you to try our services. We eat, breath and dream internet marketing, from seo, social media marketing to email campaigns, we have the right strategy that will bring you customers.

Our SEO services in Portland are affordable because we believe our clients deserve a short at success and, when you’re successful, we’re successful too.
Also our overheads are low, so we’re able to pass on those savings to you, so you may enjoy a tee on the golf course a little while longer!

That said, the only question that then remains is, are you ready and prepared to service your customers once the proverbial internet faucet’s turned on?

Thank you for checking out our seo services in Portland Oregon page.

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